The Alliance for the Advancement of Science Through Astronomy (AASTA) is a non-profit scientific and educational organization based in southeastern Washington State.

We are engaged at all levels within the State's educational system, providing the resources, expertise, and personal interactions to effectively foster the future generation of scientists, engineers, and policy makers now enrolled in our schools.

Our Mission

  • Elevate the status and cumulative level of interest in careers in science and engineering
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of the scientific process and its role in the lives of the citizenry

A healthy, vibrant society is an educated society.

Even so, we must recognize that, as a society, we are experiencing a significant shortage of qualified scientists and engineers.  If allowed to continue, this shortage will have serious and lasting consequences for our nation's security, our economic well-being, the availalibility of natural resources, and our quality of life.

The science of astronomy holds a tremendous appeal to all ages.  And because it incorporates those fundamental aspects of mathematics and the physical and life sciences, a well-guided and purpose-driven inclusion of astronomy in our curricula provides an extraordinarily powerful context within which these other sciences may be learned and appreciated.

We do not wish to make astronomers out of everyone; we don't even wish to make scientists out of everyone.  We do wish to provide our students all the tools and resources we can so that they are able to make rational and informed decisions throughout their lives.

AASTA is registered in the State of Washington as a charitable entity in full accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

We value honesty, trust, commitment, and accountability.

We work for you

Your interest, involvement, and financial support allows us to work on your behalf--to gather, develop, and deliver those methods that will make a positive and lasting impact on science and mathematics education throughout Washington State and beyond.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.